Doukénie Winery is one of the top award-winning wineries in Loudoun County, DC’s Wine Country and its wine club, Heritage Club, is unique and quite different from other wine clubs in the area. Here’s why our over 1,500 members stay with us year after year and why you should be a Heritage Club wine club member:awards

10. No membership fee; just the commitment to buy a case of wine throughout the year.

9.  Flexibility: you get to choose when you want your wine…2 bottles every other month, 3 bottles 4 times a year, 6 bottles twice a year, or 12 bottles once a year…allowing you to enjoy your favorite wine when you want it. Deliveries come right to your office or home, making it easy to enjoy Virginia wine every day.

8.  You get to choose the wine you LIKE and enjoy. Other clubs, the winemaker decides for you. Because we offer 18 Virginia wine varietals, there’s plenty to choose from.

7.  15% discount on any wines you purchase while you’re a member. That’s a huge savings!science sat

6.  After the second year of your membership, you get 20% off every bottle of wine you purchase!!

5.  Free admission to A Taste of Science, an educational tour created to help our members and guests learn more about winemaking. Conducted and prepared by Leanne Wiberg.

4.  Use of the Heritage Club Room and private deck so you can share your Heritage Club with friends, colleagues and family. Expand the experience.

3. Free ticket to the both the Spring and Fall Music Concert. Bring a blanket, relax and enjoy the scenery, music, wine and food.

2.  Complimentary wine tastings for 2 every time you visit the winery, providing a constant learning experience for you and a guest.

  1.  And the Number One Top Reason Why You Should Become a Heritage Club Member….heritage club terrace extrem horizon crop


    Enjoy Good Wine Regularly creating memories with family and friends

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