By Maria Canora, Hospitality and Special Events Manager – After a busy September of getting the children back to school and gearing up for end of the year work deadlines, we invite you to kick back and enjoy the stars and fine music. This event replaces our Italian Festival, and we hope our Heritage Club members take advantage of their complimentary ticket.banner

Here are 5 reasons you won’t want to miss this great night at Doukénie Winery, one of Virginia’s finest wineries that produce wine with tradition and excellence.

  1.  It’s not just about the complimentary glass of LeVin Rouge, it’s about the experience. Sharing award-winning Virginia wine with friends and family.
  2. Sit back and relax. Bring blankets and chairs, close your eyes and drink in the smell of the vines and earth as harvest is about to begin.
  3. Sing, clap your hands, tap your feet and get up and dance! When was the last time you just had a great time. Music by Gary Smallwood and Billy Thompson (band) will totally be a surprise.
  4. There’s always room for food to pair with a glass or bottle of wine. Deli South and Smokin’ Willie’s BBQ will be perfect with that glass of Merlot or Riesling.
  5. Stars…plenty of stars. Those are free too!

The fall at the vineyard is one of the best times. Spend the day or just come for the event. Either way, you won’t want to miss this night. Tickets are on sale now here. See you there.