Before you sample the wine,

enjoy the scenery.

You may visit Doukénie Winery for the wine. But, you’ll want to stay in the Virginia & DC Wine Country for the scenery and the sensory experience. Located just a short drive from Washington, DC, you almost forget you’re so close to one of the most powerful cities in the world. Perhaps it’s the big open blue sky, the mountains that change hues with the seasons, the wide open meadow that begs you to take a walk, or the friendly and attentive Doukénie staff. If you’re here for a corporate or group wine event, you might find a little peace as you stroll among the rows of grapes inhaling their sweet scent with every step. And even though you have to retreat back to the comforts of your own home, you’ll be touched knowing that a part of you never really leaves this beautiful place.