Hope’s Corner

I am Doukénie’s daughter and it might be of interest to some for me to share some of my mother’s wisdom, teachings and philosophical sayings that I was exposed to as the daughter of the family.

What I learned became the seed that generated my own philosophy in my maturing years. I am my mother’s daughter and what I write is my interpretation of her teaching, as I see it, live it and promote it.– Hope Bazaco

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Once passage of time reaches a certain stage in life, reflections 
become primary in the unproductive hours of a seniors day.
A little girl happily skipping home from school to a waiting smiling 
mother who greets her. Memories! How swiftly the years pass in 
childhood. Visions of those years kaleidoscope through my memory bank.
Laughter, tears, bruises from falls, sympathy and hugs, swinging on the 
front gate leading to the steps to the house where brothers played 
stoop ball. Memories!
Is it the setting sun of life one sees on the horizon that results in 
the reflections of the past?
When the spirit is willing and the flesh is not, pain replaces strength 
forcing one to reduce physical activities.
Oh how does my garden grow!
The swinging gate of childhood is no longer moving as easily. The wheel 
of life turns rapidly from the child I was to the teenager I became, to 
a young lady, to marriage and inevitably motherhood, which finally led 
to the role of grandmother.
The declining years remind me of the rusted swinging gate.
For some things I am dependent on my children. But I look in the mirror 
each morning and I see ME. The child swinging on the gate at 1738, Brooklyn.




Hope is a universal emotion that transcends all

Countries, cultures and geographical locations.

Most religions expouse it.  Hope goes hand in hand

With faith.  Einstein once said, “Hope is eternal”.

Without hope there is sadness and depression.

One must have something to aspire to.

Hope is a glimpse of what can or might be in

the future.

An inspiration to work toward, a goal.

Hopes and Dreams are synonymous.

I know because my name is Hope.



Lamb and String Bean Casserole

1 1/2 lb Lamb boneless shoulder cut into 4 inch pieces
1 medium sized onion chopped
a little oil to sauté lamb
1lb fresh or frozen green beans
8 oz can of tomato sauce
salt and pepper 

Heat oil and sauté lamb pieces. Add onions and stir until onions begin to turn color. Add tomato sauce and at least a cup of water. Add salt and pepper and a little dried mint adds flavor. OK if you do not have it. Cover and let cook until meat is soft. (Meat can be pressure cooked for 15 minutes.) Add cleaned and cut string beans. If you want you may add a couple of cut potatoes. Cover and cook until done. If the sauce is too thin remove the meat and beans to a serving dish and reduce the sauce a little. Sometimes I add a little wine which is always available to me. 
I serve with crusty bread and a salad that has feta cheese which somehow adds to the flavor. 

Kali oreeksee, Good appetite