Posted by Maria Canora, Doukénie Winery’s Wedding Agent — As the wedding season approaches here in DC’s Wine Country and Doukenie Winery, I wanted to pass on a few ideas of what we’ve seen bDiscount-Wedding-Dresses-bg_6742-087rides, grooms and the wedding party wear for a wedding in the country at a winery. It seems that winery weddings provide an opportunity for a ‘different’ sort of wedding. Not all have to be black tie; we have found that the atmosphere and ambience at Doukénie may provide an elegant, but maybe a bit more laid back. We even have seen brides in short dresses and men in suits vs. tuxedos. Either way you choose, there’s not just one way to do a wedding. We really believe these ideas give you something to think about as you go forward. To see other wedding photos, go to our gallery.

Short and Sexy

We love the casual, but elegant look of this dress. It’s classic design and beautiful material will work in any season. And recently, we had a bride and her party wear cowboy boots with their dresses. How cute is that! cheergroup


Skirts for Bridesmaids

It’s true – two piece dresses are a fun and seem to fit beautifully for a winery wedding. We haven’t seen this much in the last year, but it’s a lovely option for an outdoor wedding. They’re fun, flirty and a little less formal, and lend themselves perfect for the outdoors (and wine.) And many of the outfits are very re-wearable, which is an added plus. skirts

If you’d like a few  more ideas, feel free to email me, Maria, any time. I’d love to chat with you.