The Noble CollectionWith the onset of the holiday season Doukénie Winery, located in Loudoun County, DC’s Wine Country, wants to be part of your celebration whether through the “Noble Collection”, a 3-bottle  holiday gift set or with a variety of wines for your wine lover friends, family and business associates.

Due to its success last year, Doukénie Winery is offering a 3-bottle gift package called “The Noble Collection.” Noble is a classical term used to describe grapes traditionally associated with the highest quality wine. For that reason a package of three (blue, red and black cap) favorites are included in the Noble Collection:

  • the blue cap LeVin Rouge; a blend of Cabernet France and Merlot
  • the 100% Cabernet Sauvignon black cap
  • and the lovely 100% Merlot Dionysus red cap.

Prices for the collection, available now through January 6th, are listed below:

Retail Discount (non Heritage Club Members):  10% Discount: $109.62

Heritage Club (1 Year Members): 20% Discount: $97.44

Heritage Club Vintage (2 Year Member): 25% Discount: $91.35

Not including Tax or Shipping/Handling

Wine can be shipped to most states, except these: PA, MA, DE, KY, AL, MS, AR, OK, SD, MT, and UT.  Wines can be purchased at the winery or by email (