Heritage Club

The Heritage Club – Doukenie’s Wine Club Extraordinaire!

You’ve tasted our award-winning Virginia wines, explored Loudoun County, DC’s Wine Country, shared the day and Virginia wine with friends and family, and had a great time. Continue this experience by joining the Heritage Club, Doukénie’s exclusive, flexible wine club.

3 Reasons Why You Should Join the Heritage Wine Club:

  • Continue to enjoy Doukénie’s award-winning wines by selecting a variety of wines throughout the year, expanding your palette and wine knowledge, while receiving 15% discount on every bottle.
  • Choose which Heritage Club delivery plan fits your life style.  The four plans provide a flexible shipping or pick up schedule.
  • Enjoy these wines on a regular basis to share with your family and friends, creating memories every day.

It’s a lifestyle wine club and a way to discover Virginia’s best wine club. There’s no membership fee, your only obligation is to purchase a case of wine throughout the year.