Hope’s Legacy Raspberry wine, one of Doukenie’s best selling wines, is sold out, and Sébastien and I are working hard to move the production along as quickly as possible without rushing the process. This Virginia dessert wine is composed of fresh red raspberries which are fermented on the skins for 20 days and then blended with oak-aged red wine. In mid-August we did some blends with different sugar rates. We wanted to find the best combination in order to create an intense fruit flavor with a balanced sweetness. After several samples and savorings, we finally designed the wine we hoped to make. The final blend is about 30% of raspberry and 70% of red wine, with 6.5% of residual sugar. This is delicious! We also ordered the labels and organized the bottles for bottling, which will happen soon. We know you’re all waiting for this news as to when the wine will be ready.

After the various sampling to find the tasty blend, we did it in life-size. Add sugar to the raspberry fruit wine and send it to the tank. Then add the red wine. The blend is really good, very fruity and the colour is darker than the previous one, it’s interesting.

The next step is the filtration. Actually it will have four filtrations with four different pad filters. The nominal micron size of particles retained will be smaller and smaller in order to purify the wine. As for the bottling it’s coming next week : the deadline is getting close!

Filtrations of Hope’s Legacy 13, Chardonnay 12 and Dionysus 10 are done! These wonderful wines are now ready for the bottling.