We are pleased to welcome Henri Saint-Arailles, who will be interning with us through Virginia’s wine harvest season. Doukénie Winery, one of the oldest Virginia wineries located in Loudoun County, DC’s Wine Country, has had a French intern for 14 years all from the prestigious school, .  Watch for posts from Henri about what is going on in the field and vineyard as the grapes ripen, are picked, and start fermentation. Harvest is an exciting time here in Virginia, so watch this blog to live it, learn from it and love it.Doukenie Winery's Intern

Henri arrived at Doukénie on July 7 from, where he is a 2nd year student at E.I. Purpan, a graduate school of agriculture. The 5-year course leads to a Master’s Degree in Agriculture and related industries. In October 2013, when it was time to choose an internship, Henri decided he wanted to work in a vineyard in the United States. As he says, “The USA is an unavoidable country and it inspires the world.” He wants to see how Americans live, talk, have fun…just experience the entire country. Also he was interested in Virginia wines, and particularly Doukénie for its longevity and reputation, as he wanted to see how the climate, humidity and terroir is so completely different here than in France.

Henri comes from a farming family. His mother and father live in a small town called , in the southwestern part of France. They produce white wines from Colombard and Ugni-Blanc grapes, along with wheat, sunflower, rapeseed and barley. His father is from Italy and his mother is from Poland and have a long history of farming in their heritage.

Now you know a bit about Henri. Check back at the end of the week to see what is going on in the vineyard this week.