Creating Hope’s Legacy – July 2015

Last Friday, we processed the raspberries for Hope’s Legacy at Doukénie Winery. We put all 1.5 tons of raspberries into tank.

To make a raspberry wine, we have to add yeasts which will transform sugar into alcohol.

Measuring  Monday, we used a refractometer to know the actual percentage of sugar which is naturally in the juice. We found the sugar was too low compared to what was wanted and had to increase the sugar to 22 brix in order to obtain the desired level of alcohol.

Yeast Preparation  Tuesday, we added the dried yeast to warm water to rehydrate them.  When the temperature was right, we put the yeasts into the buckets and waited a few minutes to get them used to the water and its temperature (rehydration phase). Then, every 20 minutes, we added a little quantity of juice (multiplication phase) from the tanks to get the blend of water and yeasts 10°F cooler and to get the yeasts used to the juice and the cooler temperature of almost 50-60°F in the tanks.

Into the Tank    After adding the juice 5 times into the buckets, we could pour the yeast preparation into a tank to mix it with the juice, so the yeasts can begin their fermentation process.  Until the entire consumption of sugar by the yeasts, we will check the tanks temperature and the percentage of sugar in the juice, daily.

Aline Haegi