Posted by Sébastien Marquet – This second post is a continuation of the Blending with the Winemaker event. This section of the workshop took place in the barrel room at Doukénie Winery in Loudoun County, DC’s Wine Country. Bj6f5AEIMAA_WXmThirty-five guests tasted the new wines that were blended to make the 2014 Vintner’s Reserve. Remember that these wines were still young and not finished. Here’s what we found as we tasted these four wines:

Cabernet Sauvignon 2013: Light raspberry color with a hint of brown; woody aromas (these grapes were grown in Rappahannock, where the soil  is more sandy). Has a green, tight, rounder and smoother flavor.

Merlot 2013:  Has a shiny look; good attack on the mouth; dry and long finish. Good for a Virginia wine. Ruby color, more purple; has hints of tobacco and chocolate. Very expressive.  Strong tannins, spicy.

Cabernet Franc 2013: For these grapes we remove the leaves so the grapes get as much sun as possible. The color is a light red, raspberry color with strong plus aromas, along with a taste of honey, green apple and black currant.

Petit Verdot 2013: Looks strong based on the color. American’s like deeper color in their wines, while Europeans do not judge quality of the wine by color. This wine has a dark purple color, almost black with a hint of elderberry, floral IMG_2864and black pepper while the taste is licorice and blackberries.

Now that we have tasted the four wines that will be blended to make the Vintner’s Reserve, we will now start to blend. See more tasting notes here. Stay tuned for more about the blending process and equipment.