On this 1st day of August, we worked in the Virginia winery and vineyard, doing some checks on the leaves, in order to keep a close eye on the development of the grapes.

The picture to the right shows the beginning of an important step in the grape cycle : the veraison. It is the transition from berry growth to berry ripening reflected by the color’s change of the grape berries. The fruit acidity decreases due to the degradation of malic acid. The tartaric acid will be predominant, with a small quantity of citric acid. At the same time as acidity decreases, hexose sugars like fructose, glucose are accumulated. The deposition of sugar into the berry depends on the level of leaf photosynthesis that’s why it’s important to keep the leaves in good shape. The fruits will start to loose herbaceous aromas and will develop instead fruity and floral aromas. At this time, we cut the edge of the plant to balance the sections insolated. Then, when the veraison will be complete (in two or three weeks), we will cut the green and pink grapes to make sure that only the good one will stay on the vines.