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Doukenie Winery Current Red Wines

2014 Merlot    
Doukénie Winery Merlot is a beautifully balanced blend of Merlot grapes and a bit of Petit Verdot. After swirling, flavors of butter, black currant, black cherry, cedar, and plum predominate. The integrated oak flavor lets in a hint of violet and roses. Enjoy this medium-bodied wine with all grilled meats and vegetables.                                        

Vintage HC: $28.00 | Club Price: $29.75 | Non-Member: $35.00

2014 Zeus

73% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Franc and 4% Tannat are the elements in this unexpected and interesting blend. Full of chocolate, smoke, cedar and clove with an obvious strawberry background. It is a pleasant, and welcomed surprise. The well-rounded, medium body, jammy texture lends itself to a variety of pairing options such as pork, beef, chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Vintage HC:  $25.60 | Club Price: $27.20 | Non-Member: $32.00

2014 Cabernet Franc
This ruby red, rich, well balanced wine has a long finish and smooth tannins. Notes of tobacco, spices and black pepper can be found in the nose and palette along with the alluring essence of caramel and dark red fruits. Pairs well with all grilled meats and vegetables.    

Vintage HC: $28.80 | Club Price: $30.60 | Non-Member: $36.00

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Cabernet Sauvignon greets you with a nose of violets, green pepper, plum, and strawberry. Take a taste and you’re hit with cherry, licorice, dark fruits, and tobacco. A balanced, medium bodied wine with an oak barrel flavor that offers a hint of vanilla.  Soft tannins provide room for a light spiciness on the finish. Perfect with Comte or a sharp cheddar cheese. Excellent with duck, lamb, beef, short ribs, and venison.

Vintage HC: $30.40 | Club Price: $32.30 | Non-Member: $38.00

2014 Vintner’s Reserve
This full-bodied Bordeaux-style blend from 100% Loudoun County grapes, offers a lovely, aromatic nose with cherry, anise, vanilla, leather and spice. The extensive flavor profile creates a complexity in the mouth with a slight middle-palette acidity and long finish. Awaken these flavors by allowing the wine to breathe and open. Pairs well with red meats, roasts, and strong cheeses.

Vintage HC: $33.60 | Club Price: $35.70 | Non-Member: $42.00

2014 Petit Verdot   SOLD OUT  
This 100% Petit Verdot, a grape typically used in classic Bordeaux blends, stands beautifully on its own here in Virginia. It has a very beautiful, deep red-purple color, which hints of the very powerful and well-balanced bouquet of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, violet, plum, and pencil shavings. Age this wine for a smoother finish. Pair it with fatty meats, such as Pork Barbecue.

Vintage HC: $28.00 | Club Price: $29.75 | Non-Member: $35.00 


2014 Sangiovese      HERITAGE CLUB ONLY
Aged in French Oak barrels, this delicate and complex Sangiovese has essence of oak, vanilla, and smoke. Wild light red fruits, such as strawberry, offer smooth tannins and a nice body. This lovely wine pairs well with tomato dishes, beef, duck or a strong cheese. 

Vintage HC: $30.40 | Club Price: $32.30

2010 “Dionysus” Wine for Very Special Occasions – SOLD OUT
Dionysus was the god of the Grape Harvest, winemaking, and wine in Greek Mythology. The dark red purple color is produced with 100% Merlot from block number 1 of Doukénie Winery Estate. With a very earthy and rich bouquet it divulges a complexity of aromas: tobacco, caramel, coffee, coconut, cherry, berries and black currant. This is an extremely balanced full-bodied wine, that gives a very velvety sensation. It’s long and jammy finish leaves you with beautiful mouthfeel!

Vintage HC: $47.84 | Club Price: $50.83 | Non-Member: $59.80

Tasting Fees
Vintage HC: No Charge| Club Price: No Charge | Non-Member: $10.00

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