Helping Haiti



Doukénie Winery owner, Dr. George Bazaco, is a part of Medical Missionaries, a group of volunteer doctors that travels to Haiti regularly to bring medical relief to children and families. They travel to Thomassique, along the Haiti-Dominican Republic border where the Medical Missionaries have a clinic and hospital. They offer the poorest of the poor in the region medical assistance, clothing and food. 

When a massive hurricane and earthquake hit an already impoverished Haiti in a short 6 year period, it was the ultimate case of "kick 'em when they're down." Living on only a few dollars per week, coping levels (as you can imagine) are at an all time low in Haiti. Struggling with the will to live, Haitians also lack access to clean water, food, shelter, and overall medical attention needed for survival.. With hospitals leveled, bridges collapsed, infrastructure demolished, an infection and disease out of control, Haiti needs medical attention and they need it now. These children and families cannot get treatment quick enough.