the bazaco family

a family-run winery built on courage, adventure and pursuit of the american dream

Doukénie Babayanie Bacos was at 14 years old when she boarded a boat and journeyed to America from her native Greece. Doukénie’s daughter, the aptly named Hope, married the elder George Bazaco and had three young children of her own. Always having had a love of agriculture, stemming from summers spent in Upstate New York, Hope's eldest son George chose academics over agriculture, studying medicine at Virginia Tech and becoming a notable pulmonologist, multiple times receiving the Washingtonian Magazine award for Washington's Top Doctor. 

In 1981, George and his wife Nicki purchased the first track of land in Loudoun County that is now Doukénie Winery. The land, at the foot of Short Hill Mountain, was being farmed for corn, hay and cattle. In 1986, the Bazaco’s decided to plant their first vineyard. The winery was constructed in 1995. In many ways, this activity takes the family full circle as the young Greek girl who was boarding the boat was leaving her farm where her father, a local sheriff, also was a winemaker.


Today, visitors to Doukénie often have the opportunity to meet Nicki in the tasting room and sample Hope’s homemade Baklava. If visitors are lucky, they may peer out over the vineyard and see a man on a tractor, smiling from ear to ear...that’s George Bazaco.


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