The heritage club

Members can enjoy flexible membership plans and take advantage of exclusive savings and generous benefits.

Membership Benefits


Take your Doukénie experience to the next level by becoming a Heritage Club member.

  • No membership fees to join.

  • Receive complimentary flights, discounts on all wine and exclusive access to special batches of blends, bottling, or vintages.

  • Members are also invited to special events including wine-release parties.

  • Automatic shipments are scheduled to home or office or pick up at the Winery.

  • Each membership covers two adults in your household

  • Get 15% off every bottle purchase and after two years of membership, that discount goes up to 20%. There’s also a 25% discount on cases of pre-released bottles.

  • Exclusive access to the Heritage Club room and enjoy four complimentary flights with up to three friends. Reservations are required and additional guests will be charged $15/person.

  • Flexibility to select any of our wines, and change preferences with advance notice.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the membership types available?

We offer four flexible options to meet the diverse lifestyles of our members:

6Y - receive 2 bottles of wine 6 times each year (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec)

4Y - receive 3 bottles of wine 4 times each year (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

2Y - receive 6 bottles of wine 2 times each year

Case - receive 12 bottles of wine 1 time each year during your anniversary month


When is my credit card charged?

Our Case members will be charged on the 15th of their anniversary month each year.

Our 2Y members will be charged on the 15th of their anniversary and half-anniversary months.

Our 4Y and 6Y members will be charged on the 1st of each month their order is processed.


Do additional wine purchases count toward my membership?

Wine purchased at other times throughout the year still receive the 15% discount, but will not count towards your membership commitment.


How long does my Club Membership last?

Membership and club benefits last one full year provided you honor the annual purchase commitment of 12 bottles. Membership continues automatically each year.


How will I know when my selections are ready?

Our Heritage Club Manager will send you an email to let you know that your order has been processed and are either available for pickup at the Winery or are being shipped. Unfortunately we are not able to hold orders, so please notify us immediately if you are unable to pick up your order within the month.


Can I change my wine selection or membership type?

You sure can! Wine selections or membership types can be changed as often as you’d like. Please give us a 30 day notice so we can adjust your account accordingly. Wines not available at the time of your request will be replaced with the Winemaker’s Selection.

We ship all orders via FedEx, and shipping and handling fees apply. For orders placed at the Winery, or phone orders, Call 540-688-6464 x207 to see if we can ship to your location.

Heritage Club Membership Application
Doukénie Heritage Club requires members to purchase 12 bottles of wine per year, split over multiple pickups or at one time. How you would like to split your 12 bottles?
I confirm that I am 21 years of age or older.

Please call the Heritage Club Manager to choose your wines: 540-668-6464 x207

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